Fatbike Snow Racing – Are You Hard Enough?

Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?

Fatbike Snow Racing – Are You Hard Enough?

Have you ever wanted to part take in some serious hardcore adventure? Ever thought about getting yourself some true back country wilderness experience on your fatbike piled high with all the challenges that go with it? Well that’s a stupid question bro – EVERY fatbike owner in MUST have contemplated this at SOME point.  How about some fatbike snow racing in the far North. . . in . . . Norway?  This could be an ideal opportunity to experience the thrill of completing something as epic as the Fatback Bikes – Iditarod Invitational (a.k.a. THE granddaddy of all fatbike Ultra Endurance events) without having to trek halfway around the world to do it.


So, if like me you’re not a ‘Super human Über athlete’ unlike those brave (quite possibly mentally challenged) souls who attempt the Iditarod but want a taste of the experience then the Fat-Viking is definitely worth up there AND, it also just so happens to be a qualifying event for Iditarod. Bonus!


Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?









Fat-Viking Race Nitty Gritty

Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?







Check out more pictures the Fat-Viking Facebook page here.

Please note: Pictures are taken in March, in January the sun doesn’t climb that high

Dates: 21st & 22nd January 2017

Venue: Vestlia Resort – Geilo, Norway

  • Hardcore Distance –  150km long (be warned there’s loads of climbing!)
  • Mediumcore Distance – 60km (non-qualifying)
  • Softcore Distance – 30km (non-qualifying)

Please don’t think of the shorter options as a cop-out think of them instead as an introduction to the madness that is winter ultra racing!

Read here for info on the temperatures, weather conditions and also the MANDATORY equipment list required for the event.

Our good friend and fellow fatbiking compadre Nina is the event organiser she’ll be out there racing with the rest of us.  Shoot her an email here.

Here’s hoping we get to see some crazy Irish fekkers on the snows of frosty Norway.



Christmas Gifts for Men – Introducing THE NOWCHER

Christmas Gifts for Men

buy-nowAre you having Christmas Gifts for Men issues ladies?  We think we might just have the answer to your annual conundrum.  Are you looking for inspiration & don’t want to  give him a pair of socks, a new razor or a poxy thoughtless Christmas Gift Voucher?  Is your head spinning with the realization that it’s that time of the year again?  Here’s a concept we thunk up all on our own for you, (or that certain special someone) it might just be the answer to that elusive stocking filler that might elicit a bit more than a cursory thank you grunt.  Fatbike Adventures are proud to introduce;


Christmas gifts for men - Introducing THE NOWCHER






Now I know that it’s a corny and stupid name, I’m also quite aware that it could’ve been called something else altogether, but. . . the beauty of the name NOWCHER is that it pretty much says exactly what this mind numbingly awesomely brilliant invention of ours does right there on the tin.

  • THE NOWCHER is a challenge, a veritable thrown down gauntlet of sorts if you will that allows you to book and pay in advance for any Fatbike Adventures halfday tour without having to select a suitable date or time.  ‘Surely that’s just a christmas gift voucher / online shopping voucher isn’t it?’ I hear you thinking, and correct you are, but wait, there’s more;
  • THE NOWCHER isn’t just a Christmas gift voucher for men, this dear ‘fat curious’ friends is a ‘no holes barred’ liberal sprinkling of dish washing soap on that looming post Christmas piggery ‘OMG I need to loose weight and stop eating/drinking/smoking/sleeping/being a lazy git’  slippy slidey panic stricken annual fug that we all find ourselves repeatedly caught up in, each-and-every-January (c’mon be honest, it’s true. . . you know it is).
  • THE NOWCHER is a unique combination of Christmas present and a New Years Resolution all rolled up into one tidy little package, that, I might add, fits conveniently into said stocking or even a Christmas card.  No more wasted expensive gym subscription’s / seasonal pilates class bookings / sports club membership fees! No, no, no, this is a novel, one off, reasonably priced solution to all of those Chrimbo and New Years quandries AND it’s a giant sized slam dunk of a challenge.
  • THE NOWCHER has only one condition: USE IT OR LOOSE IT.  That’s right THE NOWCHER has a ‘use by’ date.  We’ve arbitrarily chosen the 1st of April 2017.  There-in lies the challenge!

So this Christmas get him an experience he’ll never forget and don’t forget to ask Santy for a White Christmas.  The fatbike was born to ride in snow ye know.

christmas gifts for men introducing the nowcher











. . . And, if you’re in any doubt that this mightn’t be the ideal experience check out the Global Fat Bike Day in Wicklow on December 3rd & read more about Global Fat Bike Day here.

Are You Fat Curious?

Are you Fat Curious?

Are You Fat Curious?

Are You Fat Curious? Have you ever wondered why the recent ‘thing’ that is fatbiking is the ‘thing’ that it is?  What IS fatbiking all about?  Do these monstrosities on wheels that seem to threaten the very fabric of all things biking & seem to have taken the cycling world by surprise even have a future?

‘That thing must weigh a ton’

‘I bet that’s really difficult to ride – good luck going uphill’ 

‘WTF is that!?!’  

…Are some of the most popular responses we get from people seconds before they rubberneck crab-walk into a pole or stumble into oncoming traffic.  We now have our list of cliche’d responses locked, loaded  and ready to reel off to anyone who knee-jerk spouts their curious quandries at us on whilst out and about and we’re only too happy to respond.

We think fatbikes are the BUSINESS!  Granted it’s mainly because they are our business, but I mean before that, we thought they were the bomb.  There just isn’t any other human powered experience out there we can think of that compares.  Since the fatbike was born, people the world over have discovered that the fatbike has shifted biking into an entirely new realm i.e. people in the Northern severe wintery climates and everywhere else can now ride bikes all year round regardless of the weather and terrain conditions.  You have to admit that that is pretty special.

The one single thing that everyone is sub-consciously absolutely certain of (whether their conscious mind likes it or not) is that once they’ve clapped their peepers onto a fatbike, they absolutely, definitely, completely, totally want to have a go on one.  Maybe not right there and then, but pretty damned fekken soon.  True story, if you haven’t seen one yet, just you wait and see…

That knee-jerk inner-child-like gut-wrenching urge I’m talking about is perfectly normal and you should give into it.  ‘Why, on earth should I listen to my inner child?’ I hear you ask, well; Well why shouldn’t you?  Huh?!?  It’s just a bike ride, it can’t hurt you and who knows it might just be good for you health, your well-being, your outlook and overall universal planetary instant karma.

Those fringe benefits, dear friends, are in a nutshell exactly what riding bikes does for everyone the world over.  Riding a bike, any bike, is exercise and exercise has an amazing ability to do all of those things 99% of the time, some have been heard to compare bike rides to low level flying . . .  It doesn’t matter what type of biking you’re into BMX, Cyclocross, Road, Pennyfarthings, Uni-cycles or Mountain bikes (cross country, enduro, downhill etc) bikes have that certain something that just tickles all of those synapses in everybody’s heads.  Fat tires on a bike just has that little extra wtf factor that causes jaws to yaw agape – albeit in open disgust or sheer wonderment (a.k.a. fat curiousity).

I personally blame Google. A few years ago I happened upon the vernacular, the word ‘Fatbike’.  It rattled my tympanic membranes and I responded in the most naturally modern way possible, I ‘Googled’ it.  Needless to say my world quickly inverted and I was blown away forever – I just HAD to have one.  I put out some feelers and my Surly Ice Cream Truck Ops was sitting in Galway waiting for me to collect her. It snowed a few days later and BAM my credit card got max’ed out after which I burnt off that post purchase angst by heading up to Ticknock, County Dublin the very next day to put her through her paces in the snow.

2016 is our inaugural season in the fatbike adventuring game and not quite knowing what to expect we have been pleasantly surprised to have several customers fall for fatbiking like the proverbial blind roofer.  It’s been brilliant to not only have some come back a few more times but also bring along their friends & family.  One of our team building tours over the summer with East Coast Physio next door to us in Ashford, County Wicklow has even featured in their suitably entitled ‘Cycling – Friend or Foe?’ blog recently.  That right there is pretty damned conclusive I reckon, fatbiking is now officially being prescribed by professionals!!

The East coast of Ireland is wonderfully blessed with mtb bike trails and with the recent hosting of the 2015, 2016 & 2017 Enduro World Series, Ireland is rapidly becoming known as a must see European tour mtb destination.  The mythical status of Guinness Irish beer, the emergence of Irish craft beer, banter and good ol craic now means you can congratulate your post fat tire bike experience with some locally crafted beer.  How could that possibly go wrong!  Editors note here – please drink responsibly.

Our fleet of fatbikes now includes Mondraker childrens bikes, Surly bikes, Rocky Mountain bikes and of course the beautifully hand made REEB bikes. We feature a range of different rigid and suspension forks for the fat-curious to test on our fatbikes including the wacky looking Lauf Carbonara and the Rockshox Bluto.  If you’ve already gone full fat and are looking to upgrade, come and speak to us, we also supply the legendary Gates Carbon Drive, Rohloff internal rear hubs and Nextie carbon rims.

If you want to learn or see more about the fatbike tours we offer and what it is that we do, checkout our latest video collection here & below from the recent 1st winter snowfalls in County Wicklow.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.  Get in touch to book your tour asap and remember a fatbikes aren’t just for Christmas.

Global Fatbike Day – Ireland

Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland

Global Fatbike Day 2016 – Ireland

We are stoked to announce our plans for Global Fatbike Day 2016 – Ireland.  After much pontification, deliberation, discussion, debate and a liberal shprinkling from de-shmorgasbord of de-craft beers we find ourselves surrounded with here in Wicklow. . .  We can now finally confirm that we are putting our efforts to a great and worthy cause on Saturday December 3rd.

The Beach House Pub, Greystones, Phil Healys Pub, Wicklow Town have planned a truly epic get together – proudly supported by Franciscan Well Brewery – and Fatbike Adventures along Wicklow’s, Murrough Beach route.

Stephen Murrin a true scholar & gentleman recently took ill with a heart condition.  Stephen’s friends & colleagues have come up with a grand plan of hitting the beach on fatbikes together as a little fundraiser for Stephen.

Global Fatbike Day 2016 - IrelandGlobal Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland

  Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland

The Plan

We go in both directions in 2 separate timeslots (10am & 1pm) initially heading from Phil Healys Pub, Wicklow along the 20km stretch of beach to The Beach House, Greystones.

The Big Fatbikers’ Crafty Brunch will be their worthy reward upon completion of this trek.  Exactly what is it that this brunch of craftiness consists of I hear you wonder;

A prime slice of purest angus beef, nestled between the 2 soft and lucscious halves of a brioche bun, a side of handcut wedges* all to be washed down with a crisp cold pint of Chieftain IPA / Rebel Red / Shandon Stout / Friar Weisse.

*vegetarians option also available.

Interesting fact of the day – All beer is completely vegan friendly

Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland
Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland



The Plan – Part 2

Then, at 1pm it’s batter-up to the next bunch of intrepid big fat beach bike travellers to head back from The Beach House, Greystones along the same route to Phil Healys Pub, Wicklow.  That’s not too shabby now is it folks?!?

Fatbike Adventures have fatbikes available for hire in either one or both directions.  You are of course most welcome to bring your own.  You can book your 1 direction tickets here or both direction tickets here.

14 (out of 20 one way) places are already booked up and the number of fatbikes available for hire is limited so don’t be dilly dallying.  Sign up quick or miss out.

Anyone with their own fatbike is of course most welcome to attend, the price of the Big Fatbikers Crafty Brunch is an additional €20 per person this includes a small donation for Stephen.

Any additional donations to Stephen are not expected or obligatory i.e. completely at your discretion, anything extra that you want to give would be deeply appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Read more about the history of Global Fatbike Day here.


Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Are you looking for a truly unique outdoor adventure experience in Ireland, if you are then you’ve clicked into the right place. Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Fatbike Adventures, O’Brother Brewing & Tipi Adventures are proud to offer a truly unique backwoods experience on any dates of your choosing for large or small groups, all just a stones throw from Dublin in the Wicklow mountains. Weekends or weekdays, summer/winter, rain or snow this really is a unique outdoor getaway experience that has something special for everyone. Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Day 1

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Fatbike Adventures will take you & your group for a guided leisurely scenic fatbike tour on a beach / forest / mountain trail followed by a hearty beef & Guinness stew* whilst seated around a campfire. All washed down with some of the finest multi award winning O’Brother Brewing craft beer that Wicklow has to offer.

The Tipi Adventures campsite is situated on the banks of the Avonmore River, is completely private with secure parking and onsite toilet & washroom facilities.

Tipi Adventures provide and erect their quality tipi tents, equipped with groundsheets, sleeping mats and lighting.

– For the ultimate in backwoods comfort you can also hire top quality all-weather sleeping bags from us (extra €10 per person) as well as the option of a wood burning stove (extra €5 per person).

– For smaller groups of less than 6 people we can also offer hammock accommodation with our weatherproof hammocks.


Day 2

Birdsong, bubbling streams and hot breakfast around a campfire followed by part two of your fatbiking experience with Fatbike Adventures, we can take you back along the previous days’ route or another trail of your choice.

The Cost

Package Price €160 per person for groups of 6 or more people. (normal price is €180 per person)

Package Price €175 per person for groups of less than 6 people. (normal price is €195 per person)

Book Your Place Here

Additional Info

Venue Knockrath Woods Rathdrum, County Wicklow (Belmont Estate, Kilruddery, Bray if wind is too severe).

Price includes four O’Brother Craft Beers per person.

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Fatbike Tours to select from are The Murrough, Wicklow Beach / Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trail / Carrick Woods Mountain Bike Trail / Avonmore Way please check out the details of these trails here

Fatbike Tours are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Tipi accommodation minimum 6 and maximum 10 people per tipi.

*(vegetarian alternative available on request)

Fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach

FSM Bray Crew - Crossfitters vs The Murrough

Fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach?

Why do Crossfitters work so hard to get fit? What’s it’s all for? Does anyone who goes to Crossfit actually do any activity outside of the crossfit gym setting? That’s where Fatbike Adventures really made an instant impression. . .The FSM Crossfitters definitely felt that they were fit enough to ride bicycles on a beach and were up for a very unique beach challenge?  Talk about an action packed weekend, on Saturday this bunch of feisty crossfitters from FSM in Bray who bravely decided to test their hard earned fitness and biking skills riding 20km’s along the beach on the Murrough from Wicklow Town to Greystones.  There was a sweet breeze behind us and these guys made it look like plain sailing. So were they fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach?

There is a common misconception that people have on riding mountain bikes versus riding road bikes i.e. they tend to lump them into the same genre and activity, and, in reality, no two disciplines in what is essentially the same sport could be more different.

Allow me to explain; road biking involves long hours in the saddle riding vast distances primarily in the same body position using mainly the leg muscles.  Roads are generally smooth and (punctures and technical issues aside) the only real challenges are uphills, wind and saddle induced rear-end numbness.

Off road or mountain biking involves a broad mix of terrain; rocks, grass, sand, mud, bog, roots, slopes and uphill technical climbs that have the rider standing up, sitting down, moving the bike around and pretty much constantly changing their body position to ‘attack’ the terrain without loosing their balance or flying over the handlebars.  The muscles used in addition to the legs are the arms, shoulders, back and abdominal core muscles.

I’m not saying that these are not used used on a road bike, of course they are, but, to a far far lesser degree.  Another key difference is that the off road cyclist is almost always constantly having to peddle, whilst on the road those lovely long downhill stretches on smooth tarmac are great for a bit of respite.  There ain’t no such luxury on a beach, mountain, bog or forest terrain.

Great fun was had by all. We hope this becomes a regular fixture and who knows maybe we tackle some mountainous terrain on the next one!?! If you think you are fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach check our tours out.

Check their day out on Facebook

Fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach


Are you fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach?

Wicklow Enterprise Centre Winner 2016

Wicklow's Brightest Startup Company 2016 - Competition Results

Wicklow Enterprise Centre Winner 2016

This competition has been a great boost for the much needed publicity that all start-up’s need in earnest.  Big thanks to the Wicklow Enterprise Centre and congratulations on their 21st anniversary.  21 Years of help & support to local business is a vital contribution to the residents of County Wicklow and no small feat. Massive Congratulations to Wicklow Brewery for taking 1st prize today in Wicklow’s Brightest Startup Company 2016 – Competition Results. Wicklow Enterprise Centre winner 2016.

Special thanks also to the local Wicklow News for the additional newspaper publicity.  Check out the full article on all of the very worthy competitors here.

Craft beer and micro breweries are on increase in Ireland, new craft beer labels are appearing out of the woodwork and beer drinkers the world over are rediscovering their taste buds.

County Wicklow just happens to be home to three world class micro breweries all of whom (Wicklow Brewery, O’Brother Brewery, Wicklow Wolf) are punching way above their weight on the international beer scene.

Ireland has no less than 20 microbreweries on it’s East coast.  True Story! If you don’t believe me then count them on this here map.

It is my sincere hope that Ireland takes a leaf from it’s closest neighbor and that something on parr with the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) develops/starts in Ireland.  What is CAMRA and how does it work I hear you ask?  It works like so; locals and visitors are encouraged to Drink Responsibly and are equally encouraged to support their local business’s by collecting stamps for every pint of craft beer imbibed at their local watering hole, kinda like getting a free cup of coffee with every 6 cups purchased, except this time it’s not coffee, and hey, let’s not kid, ALOT more fun!  A jolly fine concept indeed!

Wicklow Enterprise Centre winner 2016

So I’ll wrap up my piece by letting you in on this little gem;

If you’re the type who likes to mix his/her pint of handmade guilt free micro crafty loveliness with a naughty dash of healthy exercise i.e. some super fun relaxed off road cycling on an all terrain omniterra monster 2 wheeled truck a.k.a. A fatbike!  Then look no further, Fatbike Adventures have teamed up with Wicklow Brewery, Wicklow’s Historic Gaol and Morton’s Coaches and just so happen to offer 2 beautifully tailored fatbiking beer tasting tours.

Each tour includes some of the following quintessentially Irish sites Glendalough & the world famous St Kevin’s Monastic site, Wicklow’s Historical Gaol, Wicklow Brewery, Avoca Handweavers and last but not least the mythical Motte Stone.

Read more about and book your tour tickets operating daily from Dublin here .

If you already find yourself in County Wicklow then look here

We look forward to seeing you soon.

Wicklow Enterprise Centre winner 2016

Wicklow Enterprise Centre Winner 2016


Big Fat Beach Safari II

Big Fat Beach Safari II

Big Fat Beach Safari II

Deciding to run the Big Fat Beach Safari II during the summer wasn’t a difficult decision for us in all fairness, the first edition back in February could’ve frozen the balls off a brass monkey, so quite a few people were up for hitting this route in the warm summer weather.  One of the features of this event was a test ride on one of the new fangled eFatbikes kindly provided by Greenaer the Haibike distributors for Ireland, there it is right there in the centre of the below picture:

Big Fat Beach Safari II






The weather was brilliant, the company excellent (as always) and the beach sublime.   Our tour kicked off at Wicklow Sailing Club which is located to the viking era Black Castle and then took us past Wicklow’s very own waterborne legend – Sammy the Seal followed by a short blast along the Murrough estuary before an even shorter blast on the beach front outdoor BMX pump track.

The trip from Wicklow Town up to Greystones along with beach with the wind in your favour will take even the slothiest of slothy couch potatoes less than 3 hours.  This tour is so relaxed that it barely feels like exercise.  The only section of the cycle that might cause a little trepidation with people who might be of a slightly nervous disposition is where we have to ride up on some concrete blocks that run alongside the train tracks across from Kilcoole Station Platform.  Timing is of the essence as well as speed (believe it or not) and to keep balanced one must keep moving forward!

Big Fat Beach Safari II






Once that bit’s over the dash to Greystones is a piece of cake and it leads to the best part of the entire stretch, which is of course the bit where we get to quaff quality coffee & graze on freshly handmade sandwiches whilst baking in the sun at the Beach House Pub across from the all new Greystones Marina.

Big Fat Beach Safari II

It is no wonder that the Wicklow Town to Greystones beach route is one of our most popular routes.

This really is the perfect day for a family or group of friends.  Fatbike Adventures have kids bikes suitable for children from the age of 6 and upwards.  Check out all of our pics from the day on our Facebook event page here

Big Fat Beach Safari II








Fatbike Adventures on Air

Are you fat curious

Fatbike Adventures on Air

Time to sit down, grab a cuppa and have a listen to Fatbikes Adventures on air.  This is your chance to be entranced by the sultry tones of the founding member of Fatbike Adventures being interviewed on the radio!!  Yes Fatbike Adventures are stoked to be one of the 10 finalists in ‘Wicklow’s Brightest Startup‘ competition. All 10 finalists get 3 minutes of air time with Aengus Cox of Eastcoast FM in the run up to a final decision.  There are 3 interviews each Saturday morning in June allowing each of the 10 finalists to showcase their company, these interviews ‘could’ be used to help the judges to decide on a winner in the event of a close contest, which, let’s not kid around, it is bound to be!!

So, please have a listen to the Fatbike Adventures slot, we’re up exactly 6 minutes into the clip.

The stakes of this competition are huge, it’s a ‘winner takes all contest’ which means that the winner get to scoop the € 10,000 prize which comprises of € 5,000 in cash as well as another € 5,000’s worth of radio advertising with East Coast FM radio.  The rules are pretty straight forward, all companies must have been in business for less than 6 years and must be operating within the Garden County that is Wicklow.

Fatbike Adventures on air






The winner is due to be announced at the Wicklow Enterprise Centre 21st birthday bash which is being held at the Wicklow Enterprise Centre premises on the 29th of June 2016.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and would appreciate any comments or suggestions you might have for us.  Do you think Fatbike Adventures deserve to be Wicklow’s Brightest Startup Champions?

Last but by no means least Fatbike Adventures would like to wish all of the finalists the very best of luck.

Fatbike Adventures on air

Fatbike Adventures on Air

Join Global Fatbike Day

Join Global Fatbike Day

This is your chance to join Global Fatbike Day with us.  Never before in the history of cycling has a specific type of bicycle garnered such a unique event, on the same day, globally.  This year sees the second installation of the global cycling phenomenon that is Global Fatbike Day.  December 5th was the date of Global Fatbike Day 2015, a bunch of mad Irish fekkers dedicated to the global fatbike cause made their way North East across to Rossknowlagh Beach in County Sligo where we stayed at the Sandhouse Hotel which is literally situated right on the beach.

Global Fatbike Day in December 2015 was a precursor to the inaugural Fatbike World Championships which where held in January 2016 in Crested Butte, ColoRADo, USA.  This event can ONLY be for fatbikes and looks truly epic, an event that’s found it’s way onto my bucket list for sure, check out some of the pics and results from the event here.

Anyway, I digress, back to the Irish version of Global Fatbike Day.  Surprise surprise the weather was forecast for rain.  North America got snow, South Africa and Australia got sun and the rest of Europe and Asia had the god’s smiling on them, of course, the pictures from around the world, all taken on the same day created another level of coolness altogether.  Sure don’t we just love the Irish weather though, why else would we live here!

However.  We didn’t just get a typical ‘soft’ Irish day folks oh no no no we just so happened to get caught in super storm Storm Desmond.  ‘What exactly is a super storm?’ I hear you ask; well apparently when hurricanes leave the Caribbean they disguise themselves as mere storms in the hope that the Irish won’t see them coming, hilarious – NOT.

Interesting fact of the day – Fatbike tires make excellent sails!  Check out the video clip of our escapades here.

If you fancy a laugh then watch this intrepid new reporter try and give the evening news weather report in the lashing wind and rain brilliant!

The 2016 Global Fatbike Day event planning is in full swing and we hope to bring you a slightly drier edition this year.  West may not be best, not least the East.  Needless to say we should have an idea of our plans within the next week or two and will be sure to publish our intentions on social media and the interweb, so watch this space for details.

Join Global Fatbike Day






There is cool Global Fatbike Day design contest on at the moment with some sweet prizes up for grabs read more on this here.

The dates 26th – 29th of January have recently been announced for the 2017 Fatbike World Championships, check out the details here.