Fatbiking – Beaches – Beer – Burgers – What’s Missing?

Fatbiking - Beaches - Beer - Burgers - What's Missing

Fatbiking – Beaches – Beer – Burgers – What’s Missing?

Fatbiking – Beaches – Beer – Burgers – What’s Missing? Did we leave anything out? Where’s the flaw in that almost sacred sentence?  Well, if you’ve read any of our other blog posts you’ll  know that we’re pretty good at asking stupid questions, stupid as in the answer is pretty bloody obvious. . . One might mistakenly think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that sentence, but then one would be not entirely correct.  I’ll give you a hint and then challenge you to have a 2nd swipe; the word I’m thinking of begins with ‘F’ and ends with ‘S’. . .  Get your filthy mind outta the gutter and think a little buddy.  The word I’m thinking of has seven letters. . . Wait, it couldn’t be you and your mates could it?  Think ‘Most popular sitcom of the nineties’ think Ross and Rachel, Joey, Monica and Chandler and tadaaaaa you have the answer.  Yes indeed the only thing wrong with the aforementioned sentence and the title of this waste of time blog is

FRIENDS – Because who would you rather be on a beach with whilst drinking beer and riding bikes and eating burgers??

That fantastic ‘friend’ word dear reader is the equilibrium to a balanced, well rounded and totally awesome day out.  True story.

Earlier this week Outsider Magazine were kind enough to feature Fatbike Adventures in their regular Tuesday slot on Today FM with Matt Cooper for St Valentines Day. Give the podcast a listen here.

Fatbiking - Beaches - Beer - Burgers - What's Missing








You and your friends simply need to decide on a day to take yourselves to a beach, add some fatbikes, give yourselves a little challenge to cover some distance and earn a well deserved reward, simples.

That reward is a Phil Healys Pub gourmet burger with an ice cold craft Franciscan Well beer and voila! Skadoooooosh!  You have a finely tuned mathematically sound, completely perfect day out with your mates.

We say why limit yourself to Valentines Day or any day for that matter, ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY TO RIDE BIKES AND DRINK BEER PEOPLE!

That said any day is a good day to be romantic too.  Peace!


Fatbiking - Beaches - Beer - Burgers - What's Missing

The Perfect Gift – Introducing THE NOWCHER

The Perfect Gift – Introducing THE NOWCHER

buy-nowAre you having trouble finding the perfect gift for that special someone ladies / gentlemen?  We think we might just have the answer to your annual conundrum.  Are you looking for inspiration & don’t want to  give him/her a pair of socks/lingerie, a new razor or a poxy thoughtless less than perfect gift voucher?

Is your head spinning with the realization that it’s that time of the year again?  Here’s a concept we thunk up all on our own for you, (or that certain special someone) it might just be the answer to that elusive ideal present that might elicit a bit more than a cursory thank you grunt.

Fatbike Adventures are proud to introduce;


The Perfect Gift - Introducing THE NOWCHER







Now I know that it’s a corny and stupid name, I’m also quite aware that it could’ve been called something else altogether, but. . . the beauty of the name NOWCHER is that it pretty much says exactly what this mind numbingly awesomely brilliant invention of ours does right there on the tin.

  • THE NOWCHER isn’t only ‘The Perfect Gift’ it’s a challenge, a veritable thrown down gauntlet of sorts if you will that allows you to book and pay in advance for any Fatbike Adventures halfday tour without having to select a suitable date or time.  ‘Surely that’s just an online shopping voucher isn’t it?’ I hear you thinking, and correct you are, but wait, there’s more;
  • THE NOWCHER isn’t just a gift voucher, this dear ‘fat curious’ friends is a ‘no holes barred’ liberal sprinkling of dish washing soap on that looming post Birthday/Stag/Hen/Barmitzvah/Christmas piggery ‘OMG I need to loose weight and stop eating/drinking/smoking/sleeping/being a lazy git’  slippy slidey panic stricken fug that we all find ourselves repeatedly caught up in, with each-and-every post binge moment/week of regret (c’mon be honest, it’s true. . . you know it is).
  • THE NOWCHER is a unique combination of present and a dare all rolled up into one tidy little package, that, I might add, fits conveniently into any greeting card.  No more wasted expensive gym subscription’s / seasonal pilates class bookings / sports club membership fees! No, no, no, this is a novel, one off, reasonably priced solution to all of thosegift do I get him/her wtf quandries AND it’s a giant sized slam dunk of a mental and physical challenge.
  • THE NOWCHER has only one condition: USE IT OR LOOSE IT.  That’s right THE NOWCHER has a ‘use by’ date.  We give the lucky recipient exactly 3 months to man-up and do it.  There-in lies the challenge!

The fatbike was born to ride in snow, but beaches and bogs are also worth a go ye know 😉

The Perfect Gift -Introducing THE NOWCHER











. . . And, if you’re in any doubt that this mightn’t be the ideal experience check out the Global Fat Bike Day in Wicklow on December 3rd & read more about Global Fat Bike Day here.


Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Are you looking for a truly unique outdoor adventure experience in Ireland, if you are then you’ve clicked into the right place. Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Fatbike Adventures, O’Brother Brewing & Tipi Adventures are proud to offer a truly unique backwoods experience on any dates of your choosing for large or small groups, all just a stones throw from Dublin in the Wicklow mountains. Weekends or weekdays, summer/winter, rain or snow this really is a unique outdoor getaway experience that has something special for everyone. Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Day 1

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Fatbike Adventures will take you & your group for a guided leisurely scenic fatbike tour on a beach / forest / mountain trail followed by a hearty beef & Guinness stew* whilst seated around a campfire. All washed down with some of the finest multi award winning O’Brother Brewing craft beer that Wicklow has to offer.

The Tipi Adventures campsite is situated on the banks of the Avonmore River, is completely private with secure parking and onsite toilet & washroom facilities.

Tipi Adventures provide and erect their quality tipi tents, equipped with groundsheets, sleeping mats and lighting.

– For the ultimate in backwoods comfort you can also hire top quality all-weather sleeping bags from us (extra €10 per person) as well as the option of a wood burning stove (extra €5 per person).

– For smaller groups of less than 6 people we can also offer hammock accommodation with our weatherproof hammocks.


Day 2

Birdsong, bubbling streams and hot breakfast around a campfire followed by part two of your fatbiking experience with Fatbike Adventures, we can take you back along the previous days’ route or another trail of your choice.

The Cost

Package Price €160 per person for groups of 6 or more people. (normal price is €180 per person)

Package Price €175 per person for groups of less than 6 people. (normal price is €195 per person)

Book Your Place Here

Additional Info

Venue Knockrath Woods Rathdrum, County Wicklow (Belmont Estate, Kilruddery, Bray if wind is too severe).

Price includes four O’Brother Craft Beers per person.

Weekend outdoor adventure break Ireland

Fatbike Tours to select from are The Murrough, Wicklow Beach / Ballinastoe Mountain Bike Trail / Carrick Woods Mountain Bike Trail / Avonmore Way please check out the details of these trails here

Fatbike Tours are limited to a maximum of 10 people.

Tipi accommodation minimum 6 and maximum 10 people per tipi.

*(vegetarian alternative available on request)