Christmas Gifts for Men – Introducing THE NOWCHER

Christmas Gifts for Men

buy-nowAre you having Christmas Gifts for Men issues ladies?  We think we might just have the answer to your annual conundrum.  Are you looking for inspiration & don’t want to  give him a pair of socks, a new razor or a poxy thoughtless Christmas Gift Voucher?  Is your head spinning with the realization that it’s that time of the year again?  Here’s a concept we thunk up all on our own for you, (or that certain special someone) it might just be the answer to that elusive stocking filler that might elicit a bit more than a cursory thank you grunt.  Fatbike Adventures are proud to introduce;


Christmas gifts for men - Introducing THE NOWCHER






Now I know that it’s a corny and stupid name, I’m also quite aware that it could’ve been called something else altogether, but. . . the beauty of the name NOWCHER is that it pretty much says exactly what this mind numbingly awesomely brilliant invention of ours does right there on the tin.

  • THE NOWCHER is a challenge, a veritable thrown down gauntlet of sorts if you will that allows you to book and pay in advance for any Fatbike Adventures halfday tour without having to select a suitable date or time.  ‘Surely that’s just a christmas gift voucher / online shopping voucher isn’t it?’ I hear you thinking, and correct you are, but wait, there’s more;
  • THE NOWCHER isn’t just a Christmas gift voucher for men, this dear ‘fat curious’ friends is a ‘no holes barred’ liberal sprinkling of dish washing soap on that looming post Christmas piggery ‘OMG I need to loose weight and stop eating/drinking/smoking/sleeping/being a lazy git’  slippy slidey panic stricken annual fug that we all find ourselves repeatedly caught up in, each-and-every-January (c’mon be honest, it’s true. . . you know it is).
  • THE NOWCHER is a unique combination of Christmas present and a New Years Resolution all rolled up into one tidy little package, that, I might add, fits conveniently into said stocking or even a Christmas card.  No more wasted expensive gym subscription’s / seasonal pilates class bookings / sports club membership fees! No, no, no, this is a novel, one off, reasonably priced solution to all of those Chrimbo and New Years quandries AND it’s a giant sized slam dunk of a challenge.
  • THE NOWCHER has only one condition: USE IT OR LOOSE IT.  That’s right THE NOWCHER has a ‘use by’ date.  We’ve arbitrarily chosen the 1st of April 2017.  There-in lies the challenge!

So this Christmas get him an experience he’ll never forget and don’t forget to ask Santy for a White Christmas.  The fatbike was born to ride in snow ye know.

christmas gifts for men introducing the nowcher











. . . And, if you’re in any doubt that this mightn’t be the ideal experience check out the Global Fat Bike Day in Wicklow on December 3rd & read more about Global Fat Bike Day here.