Global Fatbike Day – Ireland

Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland

Global Fatbike Day 2016 – Ireland

We are stoked to announce our plans for Global Fatbike Day 2016 – Ireland.  After much pontification, deliberation, discussion, debate and a liberal shprinkling from de-shmorgasbord of de-craft beers we find ourselves surrounded with here in Wicklow. . .  We can now finally confirm that we are putting our efforts to a great and worthy cause on Saturday December 3rd.

The Beach House Pub, Greystones, Phil Healys Pub, Wicklow Town have planned a truly epic get together – proudly supported by Franciscan Well Brewery – and Fatbike Adventures along Wicklow’s, Murrough Beach route.

Stephen Murrin a true scholar & gentleman recently took ill with a heart condition.  Stephen’s friends & colleagues have come up with a grand plan of hitting the beach on fatbikes together as a little fundraiser for Stephen.

Global Fatbike Day 2016 - IrelandGlobal Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland

  Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland

The Plan

We go in both directions in 2 separate timeslots (10am & 1pm) initially heading from Phil Healys Pub, Wicklow along the 20km stretch of beach to The Beach House, Greystones.

The Big Fatbikers’ Crafty Brunch will be their worthy reward upon completion of this trek.  Exactly what is it that this brunch of craftiness consists of I hear you wonder;

A prime slice of purest angus beef, nestled between the 2 soft and lucscious halves of a brioche bun, a side of handcut wedges* all to be washed down with a crisp cold pint of Chieftain IPA / Rebel Red / Shandon Stout / Friar Weisse.

*vegetarians option also available.

Interesting fact of the day – All beer is completely vegan friendly

Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland
Global Fatbike Day 2016 - Ireland



The Plan – Part 2

Then, at 1pm it’s batter-up to the next bunch of intrepid big fat beach bike travellers to head back from The Beach House, Greystones along the same route to Phil Healys Pub, Wicklow.  That’s not too shabby now is it folks?!?

Fatbike Adventures have fatbikes available for hire in either one or both directions.  You are of course most welcome to bring your own.  You can book your 1 direction tickets here or both direction tickets here.

14 (out of 20 one way) places are already booked up and the number of fatbikes available for hire is limited so don’t be dilly dallying.  Sign up quick or miss out.

Anyone with their own fatbike is of course most welcome to attend, the price of the Big Fatbikers Crafty Brunch is an additional €20 per person this includes a small donation for Stephen.

Any additional donations to Stephen are not expected or obligatory i.e. completely at your discretion, anything extra that you want to give would be deeply appreciated.

Looking forward to seeing you all there.

Read more about the history of Global Fatbike Day here.

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