Join Global Fatbike Day

Join Global Fatbike Day

This is your chance to join Global Fatbike Day with us.  Never before in the history of cycling has a specific type of bicycle garnered such a unique event, on the same day, globally.  This year sees the second installation of the global cycling phenomenon that is Global Fatbike Day.  December 5th was the date of Global Fatbike Day 2015, a bunch of mad Irish fekkers dedicated to the global fatbike cause made their way North East across to Rossknowlagh Beach in County Sligo where we stayed at the Sandhouse Hotel which is literally situated right on the beach.

Global Fatbike Day in December 2015 was a precursor to the inaugural Fatbike World Championships which where held in January 2016 in Crested Butte, ColoRADo, USA.  This event can ONLY be for fatbikes and looks truly epic, an event that’s found it’s way onto my bucket list for sure, check out some of the pics and results from the event here.

Anyway, I digress, back to the Irish version of Global Fatbike Day.  Surprise surprise the weather was forecast for rain.  North America got snow, South Africa and Australia got sun and the rest of Europe and Asia had the god’s smiling on them, of course, the pictures from around the world, all taken on the same day created another level of coolness altogether.  Sure don’t we just love the Irish weather though, why else would we live here!

However.  We didn’t just get a typical ‘soft’ Irish day folks oh no no no we just so happened to get caught in super storm Storm Desmond.  ‘What exactly is a super storm?’ I hear you ask; well apparently when hurricanes leave the Caribbean they disguise themselves as mere storms in the hope that the Irish won’t see them coming, hilarious – NOT.

Interesting fact of the day – Fatbike tires make excellent sails!  Check out the video clip of our escapades here.

If you fancy a laugh then watch this intrepid new reporter try and give the evening news weather report in the lashing wind and rain brilliant!

The 2016 Global Fatbike Day event planning is in full swing and we hope to bring you a slightly drier edition this year.  West may not be best, not least the East.  Needless to say we should have an idea of our plans within the next week or two and will be sure to publish our intentions on social media and the interweb, so watch this space for details.

Join Global Fatbike Day






There is cool Global Fatbike Day design contest on at the moment with some sweet prizes up for grabs read more on this here.

The dates 26th – 29th of January have recently been announced for the 2017 Fatbike World Championships, check out the details here.

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