Bring Your Own Bike Trails at Belmont Demesne

Bring Your Own Bike Trails at Belmont Demesne

Get off the beaten track, get fit and have fun doing it!

‘Bring Your Own Bike Trails’ now open at Belmont Demesne.

Belmont Bike Farm has 15 kms of fantastic trails that cover a diverse range of natural routes.
Pit your wits on fast-paced woodland terrain or take it at a slower pace, climbing up the foothills of Little Sugar Loaf.

After lots of hard work behind the scenes, we are delighted to announce that Belmont Demesne a.k.a. Belmont Bike Farm is now open for their network of singletrack bikes trails to the general public on Tuesday 18th of August 2020.  This is all thanks to their partnership with Sport Ireland and the best bit is that these trails are absolutely free of charge to use.

With few family biking amenities on offer in Ireland, the Belmont Bike Trail Network is a fantastic addition to this rapidly growing sport.

Bikers and biker families can simply bring their own bikes & helmets (BYOB & H) and hit these amazing off-road trails, with the some of the most breathtaking scenery County Wicklow has to offer, from stunning woodlands to spectacular views of the East Coast.

The Belmont trails are designed for all types of bikes and bikers of all ages and abilities.  The more serious bikers can get their thrills on the more challenging woodland terrain, whilst families can take it at their own pace and spend some quality time together cycling the gentle loops that meander through the beautiful Belmont estate and working farm.

The Low Down – How It Works

Bikers are welcome to pop into the Fatbike Adventures bike shop for a quick briefing before hitting the trails. There are maps at the bike shop courtyard and start of the green and blue trailhead next to the green tram carriage.

Helmets must be worn on all trails at all times.

The bike and the hike trails are free to use, but if you’re arriving by car there is a small car parking fee of €3 which goes towards the development and maintenance of the trails. If you’re renting bikes from us, we ask that all children and teens under the age of 16 be accompanied by an adult (Modafinil).

FatBike Adventures Store Front

Bike Hire, Servicing & Sales

If you don’t have a bike, or your trusty steed is in need of repair, the option to rent one of our super cool fatbikes is always an option. Advance booking of rental bikes online is essential (simply click on the red BOOK NOW button) Our electric fatties are currently reserved for our guided tours only.

We’re a fully fledged bike shop & are registered for the Bike to Work scheme.  The brands we stock, service & sell include Surly, Silverback, SE Bikes, Scott, Salsa, REEB, Raleigh, Mondraker, Commencal & Leaderfox/Switzz.

Our resident bike whisperer The Big Magick Kowalski is a creak finding genius with qualifications as long as your arm and plenty years of experience.  He can fix, service and restore any type of bike, shock, fork, wheel or cog.  He ain’t called Magick for nothin’ – True Story!!

The Bike Trails

There are currently two dedicated bike trails marked Blue and Red. The Blue Trail is graded moderate and the Red Trail is graded difficult.

The Green Bike and Hike Loops are graded easy for the short and medium loops, with the long loop graded moderate.

Bikers must cycle in a clockwise direction only on the trails.

The Pump Track Trail is designed for hardtail bikes or BMX bikes. This two-section trail has a Junior trail designed for under 12’s, which helps to develop skills from basic pushing onto cornering, standing and pumping.  The larger trail for over 12’s requires a moderate level of bike skills and fitness. Time spent on the Pump Track Trail is excellent for honing and improving bike handling skills.

What Trail is Right for You?

Fatbike Adventures Trails

Belmont Demesne is to be enjoyed by all ages and generations. We do ask that all children and teens under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times.

Grade: Easy 

Trail: Consistent, generally even surfaces suitable for off-road bikes only. Low gradient with minor dips or occasional bumps. Average gradient 5%.

Ability: Low level of bike control ability required.

Grade: Moderate

Trail: Variable and slightly uneven surfaces suitable for mountain bikes only. Some dips, hollows, rocks and protruding roots, timber boardwalk sections and moderate gradients. Average 6%

Ability: Moderate level of bike control ability and physical fitness required.

Grade: Difficult

Trail: Very variable and uneven surfaces suitable for mountain bikes only. Technically challenging with tight turns, small rock steps, bumpy terrain and steep exposed side slope. Average gradient 10%.

Ability: Requires a high level of competency in bike control and a high level of physical fitness.

Food & Refreshments

We offer prepackaged snacks and drinks in the bike shop and for the sweaty bikers in need of a cooling off we also have a very popular slushy machine!!

If you’re looking for something more substantial than a snack be sure to check out Bak’d Café at Arthur’s Barn is located in the Walled Garden. Bak’d does awesome wood fired pizzas, delicious sourdough breads, coffees, ice cream and sweet treats. There are lots of daily specials to look out for. Ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.

Be nice, say hi!

Respect for nature and respect for people – is the Belmont Demesne mantra! Belmont is a family amenity,  please be polite to fellow bikers and hikers. Be careful on the main avenues, you might meet cars or horses. Leave no trace. Please keep all dogs on leads and pick up after them.

Bikers remember Belmont is a working farm – if your wheels happen to cruise through anything that came out of the back end of an animal KEEP YOUR MOUTH CLOSED!!