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Fatbike Snow Racing – Are You Hard Enough?

Have you ever wanted to part take in some serious hardcore adventure? Ever thought about getting yourself some true back country wilderness experience on your fatbike piled high with all the challenges that go with it? Well that’s a stupid question bro – EVERY fatbike owner in MUST have contemplated this at SOME point. How about some fatbike snow racing in the far North. . . in . . . Norway? This could be an ideal opportunity to experience the thrill of completing something as epic as the Fatback BikesIditarod Invitational (a.k.a. THE granddaddy of all fatbike Ultra Endurance events) without having to trek halfway around the world to do it.


So, if like me you’re not a ‘Super human Über athlete’ unlike those brave (quite possibly mentally challenged) souls who attempt the Iditarod but want a taste of the experience then the Fat-Viking is definitely worth up there AND, it also just so happens to be a qualifying event for Iditarod. Bonus!


Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?


Fat-Viking Race Nitty Gritty

Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?Fatbike Snow Racing - Are You Hard Enough?


Check out more pictures the Fat-Viking Facebook page here.

Please note: Pictures are taken in March, in January the sun doesn’t climb that high

Dates: 21st & 22nd January 2017

Venue: Vestlia Resort – Geilo, Norway

  • Hardcore Distance – 150km long (be warned there’s loads of climbing!)
  • Mediumcore Distance – 60km (non-qualifying)
  • Softcore Distance – 30km (non-qualifying)

Pour hommes

Please don’t think of the shorter options as a cop-out think of them instead as an introduction to the madness that is winter ultra racing!

Read here for info on the temperatures, weather conditions and also the MANDATORY equipment list required for the event.

Our good friend and fellow fatbiking compadre Nina is the event organiser she’ll be out there racing with the rest of us. Shoot her an email here.

Here’s hoping we get to see some crazy Irish fekkers on the snows of frosty Norway.