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Fatbiking – Beaches – Beer – Burgers – What’s Missing?

Fatbiking – Beaches – Beer – Burgers – What’s Missing? Did we leave anything out? Where’s the flaw in that almost sacred sentence? Well, if you’ve read any of our other blog posts you’ll know that we’re pretty good at asking stupid questions, stupid as in the answer is pretty bloody obvious. . . One might mistakenly think that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that sentence, but then one would be not entirely correct. I’ll give you a hint and then challenge you to have a 2nd swipe; the word I’m thinking of begins with ‘F’ and ends with ‘S’. . . Get your filthy mind outta the gutter and think a little buddy. The word I’m thinking of has seven letters. . . Wait, it couldn’t be you and your mates could it? Think ‘Most popular sitcom of the nineties’ think Ross and Rachel, Joey, Monica and Chandler and tadaaaaa you have the answer. Yes indeed the only thing wrong with the aforementioned sentence and the title of this waste of time blog is

FRIENDS – Because who would you rather be on a beach with whilst drinking beer and riding bikes and eating burgers??

That fantastic ‘friend’ word dear reader is the equilibrium to a balanced, well rounded and totally awesome day out. True story. (Beste Potenzmittel)

Earlier this week Outsider Magazine were kind enough to feature Fatbike Adventures in their regular Tuesday slot on Today FM with Matt Cooper for St Valentines Day. Give the podcast a listen here.

You and your friends simply need to decide on a day to take yourselves to a beach, add some fatbikes, give yourselves a little challenge to cover some distance and earn a well deserved reward, simples.

That reward is a Phil Healys Pub gourmet burger with an ice cold craft Franciscan Well beer and voila! Skadoooooosh! You have a finely tuned mathematically sound, completely perfect day trip from Dublin with your mates.

We say why limit yourself to Valentines Day or any day for that matter, ANY DAY IS A GOOD DAY TO RIDE BIKES AND DRINK BEER PEOPLE!

That said any day is a good day to be romantic or the perfect day trip from Dublin and escape from city life. Peace!


Fatbiking - Beaches - Beer - Burgers - What's Missing