biking on a beach

Fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach?

Why do Crossfitters work so hard to get fit? What’s it’s all for? Does anyone who goes to Crossfit actually do any activity outside of the crossfit gym setting? That’s where Fatbike Adventures really made an instant impression. . .The FSM Crossfitters definitely felt that they were fit enough to ride bicycles on a beach and were up for a very unique beach challenge? Talk about an action packed weekend, on Saturday this bunch of feisty crossfitters from FSM in Bray who bravely decided to test their hard earned fitness and biking skills riding 20km’s along the beach on the Murrough from Wicklow Town to Greystones. There was a sweet breeze behind us and these guys made it look like plain sailing. So were they fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach?

There is a common misconception that people have on riding mountain bikes versus riding road bikes i.e. they tend to lump them into the same genre and activity, and, in reality, no two disciplines in what is essentially the same sport could be more different.

Allow me to explain; road biking involves long hours in the saddle riding vast distances primarily in the same body position using mainly the leg muscles. Roads are generally smooth and (punctures and technical issues aside) the only real challenges are uphills, wind and saddle induced rear-end numbness.

Off road or mountain biking involves a broad mix of terrain; rocks, grass, sand, mud, bog, roots, slopes and uphill technical climbs that have the rider standing up, sitting down, moving the bike around and pretty much constantly changing their body position to ‘attack’ the terrain without loosing their balance or flying over the handlebars (OrthopedicSurgerySanDiego). The muscles used in addition to the legs are the arms, shoulders, back and abdominal core muscles.

I’m not saying that these are not used used on a road bike, of course they are, but, to a far far lesser degree. Another key difference is that the off road cyclist is almost always constantly having to peddle, whilst on the road those lovely long downhill stretches on smooth tarmac are great for a bit of respite. There ain’t no such luxury on a beach, mountain, bog or forest terrain.

Great fun was had by all. We hope this becomes a regular fixture and who knows maybe we tackle some mountainous terrain on the next one!?! If you think you are fit enough to ride a bicycle on a beach check our tours out.

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