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Silverback LogoSilverback are an international, award-winning Bicycle Design company with headquarters in Stuttgart, Germany.
Founded in 2004 with the mission to develop the best bikes at the best price using proprietary technologies only.
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Surly LogoContrary to popular belief, Surly aren’t a bunch of deranged, clown-obsessed serial killer wannabes (well, not all of them).  Surly are an assortment of personalities and humanoids all brought together by one common interest: bike nerdom. We make serious steel bikes for people who don’t take themselves too seriously.
Surly makes functional bikes that do what they’re designed to do. We don’t build one-trick ponies; we help Surly riders embrace options. Our bikes are built to last a long looong time.
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With over 30 years of bike design experience Benno left Elektra in 2021 and founded Benno Bikes in 2015.
He believes what people really need is an everyday ebike engineered with the perfect blend of ride dynamics, cargo capacity and good looks. Awesome agility and maneuverability with the ability to carry exactly what you need. Benno call it Etility® Design and it’s at the heart of every Benno ebike.
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Stooge Logo
From Oswestry, Shropshire, UK. Versitility is key to the Stooge design ethos. These progressive 29er’s are designed to make great, capable, solid and agile dirt bikes.
Rigid doesn’t have to mean pedestrian. Hardtail doesn’t have to mean Cross Country. These are bikes designed to be ridden, wherever you want to ride them.
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Raleigh Logo

This iconic a bike brand sells durable, trustworthy products since 1888.

From Burners and Choppers to Grifters and Vektars, Raleigh have imagined, created and reimagined the world of cycling more times than we could possibly count. 130+ years of dreaming, designing, building, riding. And, after all that time, we’ve come to the same conclusion Raleigh started with – we all just bloody love bikes!
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Cycling is supposed to be a relaxing and enjoyable experience.
With the mission to create more fun for sports. Our job is to constantly evolve more type of cycling.
Using our proudly innovative technology to create more fun and imaginative e-bikes. e.g. subway interchange, urban roads, gravel roads, outdoor sports, off-road, long-distance rides …. You will find the right e-bike for you.
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Commencal Logo
Max Commencal started the iconic Commencal brand in 2000 with a strong focus in mountain biking.  Today the brand is a prominent leader on the global racing circuit.
In 2012 Commencal took a stand against manufacturing their bikes with carbon fiber as working with carbon can have a major impact on the environment and the health of workers in manufacturing facilities. The majority of their bikes are made from aluminum which doesn’t seem affect the speed of racers riding their bikes.
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Reeb Logo
A cool Colorado company that prides itself on being as much about the riding culture as it is about their handmade steel, titanium and aluminum frames bikes.
REEB are a handful of unapologetic bike junkies. A collection of shameless gearheads who are obsessed with two wheels and committed to progression on the trail and in the barn with their incredible craftmanship.
All REEB models now have the option of being spec’d with Pinion gearboxes & Gates Carbon Drives.
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French-American, Yuba is a bike brand specializing in cargo bikes and more specifically longtails. Born in 2007 founder Benjamin Sarrazin is a Frenchman living in California big time into his nature and kayaking. Concerned about the environment and his daily means of transportation, he created the first handmade Mundo and then launched the brand in the United States.
The YUBA philosophy and brand has grown since and the first bikes arrived in Europe in 2016.  YUBA is now available in more than 18 countries.
Yuba is recognized as a pioneer brand, historical and specialist in longtail cargo bikes. With more than 8 models in the range, it is identifiable thanks to a very colorful, fun and family identity. With community and a small structure many cyclists in love with their bike gravitate to YUBA.
Thanks to a wide range of accessories in constant evolution Yuba bikes are easily adapted to all needs. The brand’s objective is to offer a smoother mobility to all users, without exception. You don’t have to have a family to ride a cargo bike! Yuba has the right bike for you.
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Scott Logo
Founded in 1958 Scott Sports are a global innovator well known for their development of game changing products designed with Olympic level performance in mind.
Made for anyone who wants to be on a bike. You can be a cross country enthusiast, a trail lover, an enduro devotee, a crazy downhiller or a fan of electric mountain bikes, you will find the perfect match for you in the Scott range.
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Leader Fox

Leader Fox LogoSince 1996 Czech based manufacturer Leaderfox have been producing solid quality aluminum framed bicycles and electric bicycles for all types of cycling disciplines, functions and age groups.
The Leaderfox brand is synonymous with reliability and support which explains why they are available in many European countries today.
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Mondraker Logo
Since starting in Alicante, Spain in 2001 Mondraker have used 20 years of designing, building and racing experience to develop the knowledge and mastery to build ‘everyday racing bikes’.
To this day, Mondraker is chosen by most experienced riders looking for a bike that helps them push their limits to the next level. The machines we sell to our customers are the same machines that our professional racers use successfully in the most demanding competitions around the world.
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EngweEngwe Logo

Engwe have been focused on Best Value folding ebike manufacture for the past 20 years, with over 600,000 bikes sold around the world.  Folding frames, a powerful motor & fat tyres are a surprisingly good foundation for truly versatile, compact and capable ebikes that fit easily into the boot of the car so you can go anywhere on or off road.
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Branded Components

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