Overnight Tours

If a day trip does not quite slake your thirst for adventure
and you want to take your time to immerse yourself in more of the beautiful countryside
experience some of the local legendary Irish hospitality
imbibe some local craft beverages and really get into the craic
then an overnight package is well worth it.

Your choice of accommodation can be anything from a hotel to a tent or
we have glamping, B&Bs and Airbnb couch surfing for you to choose from.

Your adventure tour of Ireland starts here!

Wicklow Town/Carrick/The Murrough

If you’re spoilt for time and can’t choose which terrain to attack on a fatbike we can offer you a combined mountain and a beach package.

B&B or hotel accommodation in Wicklow Town needs to be arranged with these entities directly (Tinakilly House Hotel, Grand Hotel, Air B&B)…

see below

Day 1Starts with a morning beach trip leaving from the Black Castle and Wicklow pier heading North towards Greystones along the tidal river and then alongside and on the beach and back after lunch. Distance 19-38km.

There is an afternoon train back from Greystones to Wicklow for anyone who wants to hit the eject button on the return journey.

Day 2A full day out on Carrick Mountain in Glenealy, checking out the various EWS and local trails, stunning views of the Dublin Mountains to the north, the Wicklow Mountains National Park to the west, and the Irish Sea, even Mount Snowdon in Wales on a clear day to the east.

An ideal weekend adventure break popular with singles, couples and groups looking for adventure holidays in Ireland.

bikes in grass

Wicklow Redcross or Avoca

If you are spoilt for time and can’t choose which terrain to attack on a fatbike, we can offer you a combined mountain and a beach bike tour.

Glamping, Treehouse or camping accommodation at the River Valley Park in the quaint village of Redcross (situated directly behind Mickey Finns Redcross Pub & Wicklow Brewery), this needs to be booked with them directly.

Day 1Starts with a morning beach trip down to Brittas Bay followed by a short spin back up to Mickey Finns Pub for a fatbikers brunch and a crafty pint.

Day 2A spin to the Motte Stone, the Miners Cross and Avoca or vice versa.

Mid-week is best during the summer, unless you book well (i.e. weeks) in advance.

bikers on rock

Waiver You are requested to sign this on-line Waiver when completing a booking.

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