bike above lough Tay

Wicklow Carrick

If you’ve ever heard of the Enduro World Series then this is the sacred ground where this legendary event has been dominated by Ireland’s own Enduro riders in 2015 and 2016. This tour is best done on a full suspension mountain bike but that doesn’t mean that a fatbike can’t handle it. The term Basket Balla effect will come into it’s own on these trails when riding a fatty so extreme caution is advised.
If you simply want to take in the scenery where it all happened, absorb some spectacular views of coastline and countryside as well as check out an amazing variety of trees, fauna and flora then this is a great place to spend your day. We’ve managed to catch a glimpse of Mount Snowdon in Wales on a clear day. This can be either a full or half day trip.

from 14 to 30 Km

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